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10 May 2017

Employment Contracts – What You Need To Know

Employment Contracts

For most new employees, signing a contract of employment is a routine part of accepting an exciting new job opportunity.    Prudent employers put a great deal of…

1 February 2016

Employee Super Power 2 – Asking Questions

Author: James Middleton

Let’s paint the picture that I hope not too many of you have had to face. You have the first viewing of the project that you’re working…

26 November 2015

The Need for Digital Talent Acquisition

The digital landscape is changing fast. It’s by far the most rapidly evolving professional eco-system with skills, platforms, best practices and methodologies changing constantly. The relative immaturity of the space…

2 October 2015

10 Tips On How To Use Social Media During Your Jobsearch

With everyone from your colleagues to a prospective employer on social media these days, it’s crucial that you present yourself in a way that will earn you respect in your…

28 October 2014

How Important Is Body Language When Going For An Interview?

Body language: noun “the conscious and unconscious movements and postures by which attitudes and feelings are communicated.”

Okay, so you are in an interview for your dream job;…

21 July 2014

Recruitment: An Insiders View


Every student leaves University with stars in their eyes; you can’t wait to start in the perfect job and make a…

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