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8 February 2016

Employee Super Power 3 – Giving Context

Author: James Middleton

Last week I wrote about how being able to ask the right questions can save a lot of pain, heartache and money. By asking good questions, you…

1 February 2016

Employee Super Power 2 – Asking Questions

Author: James Middleton

Let’s paint the picture that I hope not too many of you have had to face. You have the first viewing of the project that you’re working…

18 January 2016

The Complexity of Culture

Editor’s note: A new year brings on many new challenges and opportunities, so we’ve decided to give some guest bloggers the opportunity to share their wisdom and insights with us (and…

11 August 2015

4 Ways to Instantly Connect With Your Interviewer

Let’s face it: interviews are scary. But, we all (well, most of us) have to go through them unfortunately.

Being fully prepared can make the whole experience less daunting (Captain Obvious…

30 June 2015

Counter Strike! 4 Things to Consider Before Accepting a Counteroffer

counter offer

Great! After quite a bit of courage to leave the comfort zone, and some stealthy job hunting, you have just…

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