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6 March 2016

The “Gripes” of a Graduate

Author: James Middleton

In this post, I’m keen to provide a bit more meat to the dilemma that many graduates face around whether to study further or take a full-time…

29 February 2016

Managing Machines?

Author: James Middleton

I’m quite aware that the posts I write are not shattering the long established pillars of management theory with radical new insights and theories. However, I do…

21 February 2016

The Value of Waiting

Author: James Middleton

This post could’ve been named a whole host of different things… The science of waiting… The task of waiting… The art of waiting… The pain of waiting… All…

8 February 2016

Employee Super Power 3 – Giving Context

Author: James Middleton

Last week I wrote about how being able to ask the right questions can save a lot of pain, heartache and money. By asking good questions, you…

2 October 2015

10 Tips On How To Use Social Media During Your Jobsearch

With everyone from your colleagues to a prospective employer on social media these days, it’s crucial that you present yourself in a way that will earn you respect in your…

30 June 2015

Counter Strike! 4 Things to Consider Before Accepting a Counteroffer

counter offer

Great! After quite a bit of courage to leave the comfort zone, and some stealthy job hunting, you have just…

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