Not only do employers and recruiters use social media to post job openings, they also use it to find and screen potential candidates.

So what does this mean for the job seeker?

Firstly it means, clean up your act. People are looking at what you are putting out into the social media sphere so make sure it is appropriate and representative of your “career self”.

Secondly it means interact, don’t just have an empty shell, interact with companies and share interesting and relevant content to show that you are an active thought leader in your field.

Thirdly, it means use these platforms to find  opportunities. Companies and recruiters have taken to social media to post vacancies, if you are following the right people you will find them on these platforms.


LinkedIn – The most obvious social media channel for a job seeker

  • Have a professional picture and background photo
  • Profiles with pictures get 9x as many connection requests
  • Spend some time formulating your headline as this is the “call to action” of your profile
  • Network with relevant individuals, join groups, follow companies
  • Remember that not just your posts but also your interactions with others posts are visible on your profile
  • Ask your friends and colleagues to endorse your skills
  • If you have an interview, add your interviewer on LinkedIn beforehand and look for some common ground (without being creepy).



  • Check your pictures and pictures you are tagged in for anything inappropriate (Drugs, revealing clothing, too many party pics . . . anything you wouldn’t want on the cover of the Sunday Times)
  • Adjust your privacy settings to show only your employment information, location and professional interests, keeping your personal information to your friend circle
  • The idea for your Facebook page is to show a little bit of personality outside of work so don’t get rid of too much
  • Facebook can also be used to find out information about company culture and individuals in a company, for example, the hiring manager



  • Twitter is not your diary so please do not use it to rant about everything and everyone – and if you already have – start cleaning up
  • Follow industry thought leaders, companies and people in your professional network
  • Following a couple of news accounts won’t hurt either
  • If you don’t want to do your own tweeting, that’s ok… introducing the magic of the retweet



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