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14 June 2017

Probation vs Fixed-Term Employment Contracts

Often parties to an employment relationship fail to appreciate the differences between employment contracts with probationary periods and employment contracts with a fixed duration. There are benefits to…

12 June 2017

Time to Reflect – Digital Learning

Are you the clued-up type, or perhaps don’t even know what ‘digital’ means?
Either way, this is the course for you.

The Red & Yellow Digital Marketing online course has the…

24 May 2017

Salary Survey 2017

Following numerous requests from clients, we are pleased to release our first Recruit Digital salary survey.

Our data set used records pulled from our CRM system Bullhorn™ and refers to the…

10 May 2017

Employment Contracts – What You Need To Know

Employment Contracts

For most new employees, signing a contract of employment is a routine part of accepting an exciting new job opportunity.    Prudent employers put a great deal of…

10 April 2017

Study Digital?

They say that short people maintain great perspective on life because they are always looking up. As the shortest recruiter in history, I can only confirm this statement! My…

26 November 2015

The Need for Digital Talent Acquisition

The digital landscape is changing fast. It’s by far the most rapidly evolving professional eco-system with skills, platforms, best practices and methodologies changing constantly. The relative immaturity of the space…

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