What is digital transformation? Is it just an IT thing? No, it’s for every department and a holistic approach needs to be taken. Many organisations have taken the approach of digital transformation to achieve lowering operational costs, increasing efficiency and improving customer experience.

The most obvious and probably most widely considered area for digital transformation is marketing. Digital marketing being a career path of its own, with the possibilities of capturing, analyzing and segmenting consumer data, automating and targeting advertising efforts using highly data driven decision making and optimising websites, blogs and social media posts for maximum reach.


This however is not the only path for digital transformation. Digital transformation is used to meet consumer demands, improve internal processes and to innovate business models and products.

Consumer Demands

For any customer-centric organisation, improving the customer experience and meeting consumer demands are a top priority. Using digital data, you can better understand and segment your consumers to optimise their experience, better reach your current and potential customers through predictive marketing, remarketing and streamlining the path to purchase and improve customer service at customer touch points through automation and self-service options.

Process Orientation

Process orientation in digital transformation includes digitizing processes to enable data driven decision making. Digitizing internal processes allows for improved communication, enables remote working, allows for improved tracking and measurement of performance and better corporate control. Digitizing procurement and supply chain activities can improve efficiency, allow for better time management and improve supplier relationships.

Business Innovation

Business and product innovation, adopting new technologies to digitize products, systems and expand offerings. The main focus for this would be to improve ease of use and simplicity in all aspects of the business, product and consumer experience through the use of new technologies.

What does this mean for your team? You need to digitize your team to achieve digital transformation. Digital understanding and ability as a golden thread throughout your organisations means digitally skilled employees in every area. Digital marketers, SEO/PPC specialists, digital designers, web designers, digital content writers, UX/UI designers, analysts, data scientists, developers.

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