With Women’s Day approaching, it’s time to talk about it, women in tech.

The tech industry, as we all know, is essentially male dominated and recently the cracks have begun to show in the previously shining Silicone Valley with exec’s “stepping down” left right and center.



So what’s stopping women from getting involved in tech? Do we feel incapable or feel as though it’s just not a “girly” thing to do? Whatever it is, we need to stop and realise we can and we should be involved in tech. In one of my previous posts “Why You Should Learn Code” I detail a couple of reasons why those not necessarily in “tech” should still learn basic code. The overarching reason being that it’s the way of the future and why disable yourself and your career by not jumping on the bandwagon?

In South Africa in particular, tech talent is a scarce resource and further limiting the industry by gender is not useful for anyone. Luckily we have organisations such as GirlCodeZA encouraging young women to get involved in the industry. On the occasion of Women’s month every year GirlCodeZA hosts a Hackathon, a 48 hour programming challenge open to all females wanting to work collaboratively to tackle a real world challenge.

With such great initiatives in place, the hope for South Africa is that more young women become passionate about tech and pursue careers in this field. Leading up to the Hackathon this weekend, we have some advice for women wanting to get involved in tech but are not sure where to start. Check out our posts on the GirlCodeZA blog, Tech Jobs Are Not Just For Men and Women in Tech Learn Programming.

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