7 September 2017

Digital Design – Some advice for graphic designers wanting to break into digital

Do you feel like you’re being left behind in graphic design? Or maybe you just want to learn something new – here is some advice from our Creative Recruitment Consultants Daniela Tarantello, Demitrie Koutandos and Cobus Engelbrecht.


  1. First things first, get qualified – do some web design/UX/UI courses – you can find these courses on site such as Get SmarterInteraction Design Foundation, Udemy, LinkedIn
  2. Secondly, make connections, connect with other digital designers, get an idea of their work and check out their portfolios – most digital designers connect on LinkedIn, Dribbble and Behance.
  3. Thirdly, see what your options are at your current place of work, if they offer digital design, ask if you can work shadow and see if you can transition to the digital side or be given some digital tasks – if you are a freelancer, chat to some agencies and see if you can shadow there.
  4. Most importantly, keep up with the trends constantly! Good places to check out what’s happening are BehanceDribbble, Pinterest.


“It’s all design in the end, graphic is just more traditional and flat while digital is more interactive and versatile.” – Creative Consultants at RD

For more information, questions, job opportunities or staffing solutions in this area please contact Demitrie at demitrie@recruitdigital.co.za

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