Job hunting can be a long, arduous process, and after a while of rejection emails or no response at all, the panic starts to set in and your standards may start to slip. That is why it is important as a job seeker to have a list of deal breakers to keep you focused.


Why are you leaving your current job? The most pressing reasons for your leaving should probably be on your list of deal breakers for your next job.



What are potential deal breakers in 2017?


Office location and travel time to office

If you don’t want to waste away in never ending traffic, location and travel might be a deal breaker for you. Spending 2+ hours a day in traffic can really get you down not to mention taking a huge chunk of the life part out of your work/life balance.


Workspace environment and company culture

Do you want to be suited up every day or roll into the office in your yoga clothes? How do you feel about an open office space versus an enclosed cubicle? What kind of environment maximises your productivity potential? Are your colleagues potential friends or just colleagues? Do the values of the company align with your personal values? Do you “buy into” what they are doing? These are the kinds of things to consider before accepting a job.


Working hours

Official office hours are 8am-5pm however employees are expected to remain at the office until all work is completed . . . sound familiar? If you’re the kind of person who has a very full personal life, this is not going to work for you. The 8-5 thing might not be for you either, perhaps you would be better off with flexi hours, I mean when the work is done, it’s done, right? No point in hanging around staring at the walls.


Salary and benefits

Salary is a major reason for why people jump ship, at the end of the day, it’s why we have jobs. In the beginning of your career, salary might be your main focus however as you progress, benefits may become more important. You need to decide the absolute minimum salary you could accept, which benefits are important to you and then stick to your guns.


Industry alignment with values

As mentioned earlier, have you “bought into” what the company does? Is the work you’re going to do aligned with your values and will it give you a sense of purpose? If your skills are highly transferable, you need to decide on an industry which suits your interests the best.


There are many other deal breakers, big and small, maybe it’s available parking spaces, cleanliness of office or general age of colleagues. Whatever they are, choose your deal breakers and stick to them!

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