16 March 2020

Virtual Interviewing

by Nicky Fastovsky

After President Cyril Ramophosa addressed the nation late Sunday evening, we would just like to take the time to offer advice for our clients and candidates about what the outbreak of Covid-19 means for ongoing and potential interviewing processes. Our response is simple: we know that, undoubtedly, this IS going to impact businesses, the only real question now is how do we manage the effects, and actually continue to create opportunity rather than allow disaster?

Here are alternative-ways to continue to have interviews without having to meet face-to-face:


  • Zoom


The instructions to set up a meeting on their website (https://zoom.us/) are pretty straightforward. You select the option to “host a meeting”, with the options of having the video on/off, or to share screen only, where you will have to “sign in” with a Gmail/Facebook account, you then “schedule a new meeting” with a time, date, etc and then receive a generated “Meeting ID”  to share with your candidate to enter when selecting the other option on the website to “join a meeting”.


  • Skype 


This telecommunications application was one of the first to introduce ‘internet communication’ to the world by means of using a microphone and a webcam to chat with loved ones around the world. Skype does support conference calls, video chats, and screen sharing between 25 people at a time for free!

You can access their capabilities through web or app on your phone, PC or tablet. You must have an account and have connected with the client or candidate before you can make a video call for your interview! So make sure you share your Skype ID with one another.


  • Google Hangouts


All that have ever scheduled an event and invited guests on Google Calender would have encountered the option of “Join Hangouts Meet”. It is an already incorporated feature done by Google when setting up events on your account. It creates an already generated ‘meeting ID/link’ for yourself and the client/candidate to click on and attend! 

You also have the option of heading to the Google Hangouts page (https://hangouts.google.com/) where you have the options to “video call”, “phone call”, or “message”. When selecting “video call”, you can then choose to start or join a meeting. If you are starting one, you have the onus to name the meeting and it generates a shareable link, PIN or a Dial-In number that you can share with the client or candidate you will virtually be meeting with. No setup of an account or login required.


  • WhatsApp Video Call


Most South Africans are already familiar with this added feature that was introduced on to WhatsApp in November 2016. WhatsApp Users have the option of Video Calling or Audio Calling the candidate or client for their scheduled interview. All that you require is to have a WhatsApp account (which most do) and the other participant’s telephonic number, and presto!

If you have any further questions on virtual interviewing processes, looking for a job, or looking for employees, feel free to contact us at info@recruitdigital.co.za or call us 021 424 0626. We’d be more than happy to assist in the continuation of creating futures!

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