Finance Manager

Yolande Myburgh

Coming from a small town in the Northern Cape, Yolande fell in love with the big city lights and vibrant people. She graduated with a BCOM Business Management degree with her main focus on Financial Management and she is currently busy completing her Financial Accounting degree. She is a driven person who never loses sight of her ambitions and long-term goals. Yolande is a very fun-loving person who sees the positive in every situation. When she’s not behind her books studying, she enjoys exploring new hiking trials up Table Mountain and being social with a glass of red wine. Yolande lives by the quote from Eric Thomas : “If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, only then will you be successful.”

where to find us

304 manhattan place, 130 bree street, cape town, 8001 / 021 424 6865