14 August 2019

Setting Goals in the 5 Segments of your Life

by Claire Atkinson

An outside perspective of what’s happening on the inside

Some people view their lives in 2 segments: work and play. Some people look at their own lives in terms of money and relationships. Some people don’t have any introspection whatsoever! Crazy.If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and maybe a little lost, then there is a pretty simple solution. Just sit down, and think about what you want out of your life, and write it down.

This is quite a daunting task. Chances are your brain will spiral a bit into “what is the meaning of life” existential crisis alert. I find, a great way to tackle this leviathan is to look at your life in 5 segments:

Work. Contrary to what people tell you, having enough money IS important.

Relationships. Friends, family, and partners. It may sound cold, but if something were to happen to someone who is close to you, you will still need a good structure of people around you. Invest in your relationships! They will reward you in the long term.

Community – not your friend and family, but the actual community around you! Try recycling for a change. Plant a tree! Or volunteer at a shelter close to you. You’ll meet like-minded people and discover a sense of community. You can’t put a dollar sign on a feeling like that.

Health and fitness. Mental and physical, each is as important as the other.

Education – You’ll never regret upskilling!

The idea behind this is to tackle each task in bit size chunks.

This is necessary to say that you have to excel at each of these segments. But having a direction, or even just a clear idea of what you want out of each segment helps you progress one baby step at a time. Your goals might even change over time, and this change will probably stem from something that has happened on your way to achieving this goal! It’s almost guaranteed that this change will be for the good.

Start out with setting some short-term goals. “I want to reach all my KPI’s at work this week, I want to make an effort to see a few friends that I haven’t reached out to in a while, I want to pick up a book instead of watching mindless series for hours on end after work.” From here, these will turn into medium and long term goals!

Or you can be a rebel and start by setting your long term goals! “I want to do a half Iron man next year. I want to become the head of my department, I want to complete a post-graduate degree, Cum Laude.”

From here, you can create smaller goals and “draw a path” to achieving your bigger goals. That’s the beauty of this system, it can be tailored to your personality and habits, whether you like to tackle your goals head-on, or eat that elephant one bite at a time. The idea is to just START.

Always keep in mind, no one is perfect. You’ll set goals for the week and at first, you’ll hit maybe 3 out of 10. Don’t be discouraged. That is 3 more than you would have hit if you hadn’t just written something down!

Take on the challenge, write down your goals for your 5 segments. Let us know how it works for you, or how you would change anything. And if one of your goals is to find out what is happening in the job market, let us help you out!

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