We asked and you answered – Yes for remote working.






Our latest Twitter poll shows that 76% of respondents prefer the option of remote working while only 20% say they prefer the office.

Remote working poll


Remote working is all the talk with industry giants such as IBM and Amazon offering remote opportunities. But the question on every employers mind is, what does remote working do for productivity?

Well good question. But before we get into that, what are the main reasons to offer remote working as an option?

Sounds good so far, but what about productivity? Well, in a recent survey of over 500 remote workers 91% believed that they get more work done when working remotely. Possible reasoning for this is the lack of office distractions. In his Ted Talk “Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work”, Jason Fried explains how the distractions of the workplace, such as co-worker catch ups and impromptu meetings have become distractions from employees actually working to the point where more work is achieved outside of this environment.

There are of course concerns regarding staff bonding, teamwork and communication and these things will need to be carefully considered and accounted for when implementing remote working as an option for your staff. However, remote working is on the rise and it seems to be the future of the working world.


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