4 October 2017

How to Get Your Recruiter to Fight for You


Your relationship with your recruiter is an essential element of a successful job search – Why? Because recruiters have well rounded industry knowledge and good relationships with hiring managers who trust their opinion.


If a recruiter has contacted you, they are already on your side, rallying for TEAM YOU, but here is how to get the best out of your recruiter.


Honesty is the best policy

It does not help your application if unexpected white lies come out during the recruitment process. Give your recruiter all of the information and details they need and do not lie about how qualified you are!


Keep them in the loop

If you go for other interviews, you have something in the pipeline or other recruiters are contacting you, let your recruiter know so that they have realistic expectations.


Be prepared – Don’t make them look bad for backing you

Make sure you’ve done your research before the interview and are well prepared, your recruiter is putting you forward because they believe in you so try your best to show that you were worth backing.


If it doesn’t work out keep the relationship

If you keep your relationship with your recruiter they will think of you when something suitable pops up in the future, and who knows, maybe they have your dream job in the pipeline.


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