4 October 2017

After The Honeymoon

A new job is always an exciting prospect, new people new environment, probably a higher salary and obviously a million times better than your previous job … until it’s not.

After the honeymoon stage, it may become apparent that your new job is also “just a job” and as much as you enjoy the work, jobs can be a shlep sometimes. So how do you keep the love alive between you and your new job?


Staying engaged in your work is important for happiness at work. Remind yourself what  attracted you to the job in the first place and enjoy those elements. Set yourself daily goals and reward yourself for meeting them. We can’t always rely on our bosses or managers for praise, sometimes you just have to pat yourself on the back for your own achievements. If you’re starting to get bored, try changing up your routine a bit – offer to help out on other colleagues projects – helping others is always a path to feeling good about yourself. And finally, don’t obsess over things out of your control or compare yourself to others, those things are not going to change, focus on the things you can do to find each day more enjoyable.

Shared goals

Which of your daily, weekly or monthly tasks tie into a shared goal with the company? How do your work goals match the goals of the company? Recognising and acknowledging these shared goals can help you to feel focused, motivated and energised to do your work.

Progress and career path

Keep your eye on the prize. How is this job contributing to your career path? What are you learning and what more can you learn in your current position that will contribute to your long term career goals? What is your next step with this company and how are you going to get there? Keep learning, progressing and moving towards your BIG goals – but don’t forget to enjoy the path while you’re on it.

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