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22 March 2016

Dealing with the “Difficults”

Author: James Middleton

There are times in life (and at work) where you come into contact with people that can be difficult (in the politest sense possible). Whether it’s family…

14 March 2016

Be effective, not busy: here’s how

Author: Kyle Hauptfleisch

Being busy is the new black. No one dares to answer a question like “how’s your day going?” with “yeah not bad, not much to do. Perusing…

6 March 2016

The “Gripes” of a Graduate

Author: James Middleton

In this post, I’m keen to provide a bit more meat to the dilemma that many graduates face around whether to study further or take a full-time…

29 February 2016

Managing Machines?

Author: James Middleton

I’m quite aware that the posts I write are not shattering the long established pillars of management theory with radical new insights and theories. However, I do…

21 February 2016

The Value of Waiting

Author: James Middleton

This post could’ve been named a whole host of different things… The science of waiting… The task of waiting… The art of waiting… The pain of waiting… All…

15 February 2016

The aimlessness of purposelessness

Author: James Middleton

I’m sitting at a pretty funky coffee shop waiting for a meeting to begin and suddenly had a wave of inspiration hit me around what to write…

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