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17 May 2017

What Does a Perfect CV Look Like?

According to research, recruiters spend about 6 seconds looking at each CV before they make the call to read on, or simply chuck it.


Crucial Job Hunting Mistakes You’re Probably Still Making

Since we’re only human, mistakes often slip through. Luckily, there are some experienced people out there to guide us and help us to not make those mistakes. We partnered up…

22 June 2015

10 Tips on sending the perfect job application email – Part 2

Last week we shared the first 5 tips for sending the perfect job application email, so this week we’re sharing the remainder of the 10 tips. We hope you find…

16 September 2014

Sell Yourself #2: The CV

So, this is really the main purpose of the CV, to ‘grab attention’ – not in fact to get across every last detail of your working career or life as…

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