13 November 2013

Sell Yourself #1: The Portfolio

So, by now if you are in the ‘Creative’ Industry, which is by no means a small industry – due to its many avenues – you have an online portfolio/website, or at least you should.

This is important, more important than the elaborate and often embellished CV. A place to house and showcase your work. A platform that is available 24/7, to any one, anywhere if they wish to see your work or find out a bit more about you. Yes, by me being in Recruitment this may mean that I am looking and discovering new creatives a bit more than the next person – but by having an ‘online portfolio’ you open yourself up to so much more possibilities, because you open yourself up to the world.

You allow people to approach you with feedback on your work, collaboration possibilities, job opportunities and appreciation – which I think all creatives need every now and again.

When finding a new job – gone are the days of applying with massive PDF’s, zipped folders and attachment after attachment. Copy your link. Paste your link. And its all there – saving you time, as well as the person on the recieving end.

Below I’ve listed my personal, Top 3 Portfolio Platforms.



Behance is my number one pick. Not only is it a quick and easy place to house your work proffesionally – but also to connect and network with creatives around the world and in your field.

The website traffic is said to be 15 times greater than other popular portfolio platforms, which is amazing if exposure is what you’re looking for, and when you are looking for a job – thats exactly what you want, maximum exposure. It also has a super simple load and publish system, that almost anyone can use – all while looking clean and professional.

You can also upgrade to Prosite, which is a personal portfolio site builder that allows you to customize your layout so it looks like a personal site. You can also link your profile to LinkedIn, therefore dislaying your Behance Portfolio ‘thumbnail’ making it easy for people to click through to your Behance Portfolio straight form LinkedIn or visa versa. Then there’s the community aspect – you can like, follow and comment on fellow ‘Behancers’ profiles and work and see what people are doing around the world within the different creative genres.



This is the standard Behance Profile, it can also be customized.

This is the standard Behance Profile, it can also be customized.


Below, 4 Prosites, and how they have been customized by the individual.




It is believed that Squarespace targets a niche market with it’s drag and drop functionality, focus on rich imagery and overall highly polished, and finished feel. This said ‘target market’ are designers, boutique business owners and people looking for a portfolio platform – perfect!

This is a paid for platform, but first try it out, play around and explore with their free 14 day trial, then choose from one of three payment plans, which are all relatively small, and definitely worth it. Squarespace offers a wide range of clean and minimilastic templates to get you started, which let your work or personalization of them shine – rather than the template itself. The templates give you extensive styling options, making it easier for the less ‘coding inclined’ of us to create a personal and professional site, that is also responsive – perfect for the ever growing number of mobile internet users.



Again, showing how you can customize it fit your style/company.

The example on the left shows 6 different SquareSpace sites and just how much flexability you have in terms of aesthetics.



Proudly South African, this platform was created by the Cape Town-based start up, ThisArmy. Again, ideal for anyone looking to house their work on a website, but without having to build their own; or getting someone to build one for them. There is a free version, with limited disk storage and traffic – followed by a middle of the road and premium option which are paid for.

“This is by far the best web-builder solution we have ever have come across. You have left all the fun parts to us and taken all the work out of creating your own site. I have created a fully working site in a couple of days. The instructions and help are succinct & easy to follow. The skins simple and clean. The widgets a great short-cut and starting point. We are blown away.” Andrew Stode



Withtank and most of the other platforms are now built to be responsive for viewing across different technology.

Withtank and most of the other platforms are now built to be responsive for viewing across different technology.

A clean, simple example.

A clean, simple example.


With these options, and so many more – there is almost no excuse in this day and age to still be sending enormous portfolios. If none of these float your boat, just do abit of exploring – there are many more out there.




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