21 August 2015

Crucial Job Hunting Mistakes You’re Probably Still Making

Since we’re only human, mistakes often slip through. Luckily, there are some experienced people out there to guide us and help us to not make those mistakes. We partnered up with Careers24 to bring you some insight into what mistakes could cost you that dream job.

Feel free to watch the video or read all about it below:

Your CV

Always make sure that your CV isn’t too long as clients generally don’t look past the 2nd page when they are reviewing CV’s, so try and narrow your CV content down to a maximum of 3 pages. Always make sure that the important information is in the very beginning of your CV. Another important factor to consider is putting your most recent employment at the very top of your CV, after all your personal info of course, such as Name, contact details etc.

Something you can never, under any circumstances do, is lie on your CV. It always complicates things in an interview and with extensive reference checks it will come back and bite you, and then you have ruined your chances even for a future chance. Always make sure that you add all employment in your CV, even the short stints where you only stayed at a company for the probation period and then decided to leave, whether it came from you or the employer. Clients tend to do extensive research at final interview stages and you never know who they know in the industry and what skeletons might come out of the closet.

Always makes sure that you check and recheck for spelling and grammar mistakes. It can really be a big reason why the client won’t progress to interview stage. Writing a CV should take time and it’s the only way to represent yourself before being called in for an interview, so make sure that everything is all in a place and that you feel proud before sending it off.

Adding a photo in your CV is also a good tip! Just a professional head and shoulder pick of yourself- not a full body pic of you on a beach in Thailand (trust me, I have seen that before and it will just put clients off).

Cover letter

Cover letters are very important. I love reading a good cover letter and it always tells me a little more about the candidate and where their passions are and what they are looking for in their next move. The cover letter is the first thing that the client reads before opening up your CV, so this is a chance for you to really sell yourself and show the potential employer that you are passionate about what you do. Most of the time you can use your cover letter as a condensed version of your CV.

In the interview

One of the worst traits around interviewing is arriving late for an interview. It’s a very bad reflection on your time keeping and time management. Always make sure that you have at least 15 minutes to spare before the interview starts. In regards to finding parking or to use the bathroom. You don’t want to arrive at an interview flushed and out of breath as this can lead to blanks and might ruin your look. 🙂

The second worst trait is not doing enough or any research on the company at all. It’s very important to do research on the company you are meeting as much as possible as it shows interest. An extra tip is research on your interviewer, research their past employment and ask questions around that – it always impresses them. Using social media to do research on them is a good idea. I had a candidate once that researched her interviewer before the interview and she actually checked his Facebook profile and saw that he had liked the Wakkaberry site on Facebook and she decided to go the extra mile and arrive at the interview with a serving of Wakkaberry – the client was very impressed and she obviously got the job.

In regards to cancelling an interview, always make sure it’s done at least 6 hours before the time as clients don’t appreciate cancelled interviews that and they are normally pretty full booked in terms of meetings.

Following up

Always thank a client for making the time to meet with you. And if you are interested to pursue talking to them, show your passion and enthusiasm in an email after the interview. If you haven’t heard back from a client after 48 hours prior to your interview, a quick phone call to get feedback an show your interest.

And there you have it! Now get out there and land that dream job!

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