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17 July 2017

Celebrating 5 Years

Having worked in recruitment for a number of years, Alex Martin saw the rise of digital in South Africa as an opportunity to start his own niche recruitment company. Alex’s…

12 July 2017

Get Hired Through Social Media

Not only do employers and recruiters use social media to post job openings, they also use it to find and screen potential candidates.

So what does this mean for the job…

10 July 2017

Remote Working?



We asked and you answered – Yes for remote working.






Our latest Twitter poll shows that 76% of respondents prefer the option of remote working while only 20% say they prefer…

5 July 2017

How to: Write a Cover Letter


You’ve been asked to send a cover letter. What’s the first step? Just as with your CV, a personalised cover letter should be…

3 July 2017

The Experience Conundrum



Here you are a fresh graduate, ready to welcome the working world with open arms, hot on the job search, but wait …. Error 404: job not found….

29 June 2017

10 Tips to Ace the Interview


Going for an interview can be nerve-racking. Here are our top 10 tips to help you beat the nerves and make a good first impression.


1. Research the company
Be sure to…

27 June 2017

How to Answer – “Why do You Want to Leave Your Current Job?”

I hate my boss is probably not the route to take with this one – even if it might be true.

The answer you give will differ…

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